Chemistry is a subject that not many people enjoyed in high school. But the relationship chemistry between two people is something that everyone finds enjoyable and pleasurable.

In this blog post, you will learn what is meant by the chemistry between two people. You will also know about the traits that indicate that two individuals have perfect chemistry.

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Relationship Chemistry: What Is It?

A common misconception about the relationship chemistry between people is that it happens only in a romantic relationship. The fact of the matter is relationship chemistry can also happen between friends and even strangers.

Relationship chemistry simply refers to two people enjoying the company of each other.

People feel connected to others when they enjoy their company. We are naturally drawn to people who make us feel good. According to psychologists, a group of chemicals is released when we are with a company of people that make us happy. The feel-good chemicals that include serotonin and dopamine are released when people enjoy the company of the other. Estrogen and testosterone are two chemicals that play a role in a romantic relationship.

Relationship chemistry unconsciously plays a part in our decision to pick a mate or form a friendship. Our choice of a life partner depends to an extent on the release of the love chemicals when in a company. In other words, the relationship chemistry between the people determines the extent of the relationship between them.

What Traits Determine Relationship Chemistry Between People?

Chemistry occurs due to various traits because of which two people will feel a magnetic connection. The traits only occur when people are in a friendly and open state. It is not likely to happen when individuals are in a rush or an angry mood.

Two important components of chemistry in the context of a relationship include compatibility and common interests. Psychologists have identified other traits that determine chemistry in friendships and romantic relationships. Let’s take a brief look at each of these traits to understand what makes us click and enjoy the company of certain individuals.

Mutual Interest

People who share the same interest tend to have good relationship chemistry. They will enjoy sharing views and thoughts. Mutual interests lead to engaging conversations. It will make you look forward to having a conversation with the person.

Suppose that a person has intellectual inclination while the other one is the entire opposite. In such a situation, it is difficult, if not impossible, to form good chemistry between the two. The relationship chemistry between the partners having different interests can be best described as a compromise rather than an ideal partnership.

The good thing is that you can develop mutual interest with a bit of effort. If you want a satisfying relationship, it is important to make the effort to understand what the other person finds interesting. This factor will create excitement in the relationship. Your partner will look forward to spending time with you rather than come up with a fib to avoid interaction.

Warmth and Affection

Warmth and affection are one of the most important traits that create chemistry between two people. A simple smile and words of affection will help the chemistry to grow between two people.

People who are humble, genuine, and compassionate are more likely to show kindness and consideration. The trait has a powerful effect on forming a connection with people. In a study published in Social Science Journal, the traits of warmth, kindness, and consideration were found to be highly effective in eliciting favorable responses across all genders and types of relationships.

Reciprocal Trust

Reciprocal trust is also an important factor in forming a connection with others. Chemical connections can’t exist when there is no trust between individuals.

An important thing to remember is that trust is like a glass that once shatters cannot be built again. You need to be careful in maintaining trust with the partner. Constantly lying or failing to honor commitments can be a deal-breaker.

People will more likely to open up during communication when there is trust. Communication will be easy and effortless when two people trust each other. This is an incredibly critical trait that will make or break chemistry between individuals.

Common Values

Common values and beliefs also create a connection between individuals. People with different values cannot enter into a satisfying relationship.

A lot of people enter into a romantic relationship due to the feeling of lust. It is not surprising that such relationships end up in a separation. Couples whose values are different won’t last long in a relationship. Even if the relationship survives, the communion won’t be satisfying due to the absence of chemistry between them.


Intimacy does not necessarily mean physical attraction. The real meaning of intimacy is sharing of personal and private thoughts and feelings with another. People who are intimate with each other can talk about anything without any negative feelings. It is the intimate connection that forms beautiful chemistry between two people in a relationship.

Body Language

Body language can speak volumes about the relationship chemistry between individuals. Flushed cheeks, radiating smiles, and a twinkle in the eyes are indications that two people truly connect. Non-verbal language is an unconscious connection that reflects good chemistry.

An increase in feel-good chemicals leads to elevated blood pressure. It is a normal body reaction when seeing a person whose company you enjoy.

Mimicking each other’s move is also a non-verbal sign of connection between people. Scientists have identified other traits that reflect chemistry between people such as taking deep breaths, leaning towards the other person, and slight touching.


The chemistry between people has nothing to do with ionic and covalent bonds. People who have good chemistry simply enjoy each other’s company. The term chemistry is used since interaction with people you enjoy results in the release of certain chemicals that create a feeling of joy.

Remember that values dictate the behavior of individuals. People who have common values relating to family structure, religious views, and other matters are far more likely to form a positive connection.


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