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Malloy Lending’s Loan Offers Won’t Help During Coronavirus

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Can You Trust Malloy Lending To Help During Coronavirus?

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Getting Help During Coronavirus

A lot of Americans need help during coronavirus but the trouble is that they are largely oblivious of where to get this much needed assistance to make it through such tough times.

One recent report shows that 80% of Americans don’t know about the various forms of financial assistance that they can avail. Many of them are mistaken in their thinking that they may not qualify for help during coronavirus. Most don’t even know where to start looking for help.

Although many are aware of the stimulus checks, not many know about other types of loans and financial assistance available to them.

Paid Leave

You may be able to qualify for paid leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. If you meet requirements, you may be able to benefit from paid leave lasting for 2 weeks.

There are several valid reasons that can make you eligible for this sort of financial help. If you cannot work because of quarantine orders, have symptoms of the disease and wish to diagnose it or if you have to look after a child whose daycare or school has been shut down then you may qualify. This is a key source of help during coronavirus that you should be considering.

You may also qualify for partial assistance if you have to look after a relative with coronavirus.

Utility Bills

Utility companies of all stripes including Duke Energy, American Electric Power Company, ConEdison, PG&E as well as others have stopped suspending their services as part of their coronavirus response.

If you cannot pay your utilities then you can talk to your service provider to extend the payment date. You may also be able to qualify for a late fee waiver in case you cannot pay on time.

To find what benefits you are eligible for under your current service provider, you will have to visit their website and read the terms and conditions carefully. You can also visit your state website for more relevant information. States have stepped in to rescue beleaguered consumers and have restrained utilities from suspending their services for late payments. This is another key source of help during coronavirus if you are having trouble paying your bills on time.


One substantial incentive of taking on a job is to pay for expensive health insurance. However, if you have lost your job, you can still get health insurance state run ACA enrollments. You should check out your state health exchange for more information.

You can find out whether or not you qualify for Medicaid in your state with your current family status and income level. If you qualify this will be a vital source of help during coronavirus.

Rent Relief

The CARES Act provides help during the coronavirus pandemic for those having difficulties paying their federally backed mortgages. Now renters can also avail help during coronavirus.

Cities and states around the country have restricted landlords from evicting tenants on the grounds of late rental payments. In New York, for instance, there is a 90-day ban on evictions for renters who cannot pay their dues on time. This will be an important source of relief and help during coronavirus.

Tax Postponement

Tax postponement is another source of help during coronavirus. The filing and payment due date has been extended to July 15 and there is a chance that it might be stretched to September.

This is precious time for you to think about how you will be paying your tax dues. You can make calculations during this time to find out how much you owe if you do not know already. You can do the paperwork and think about paying your taxes on time. Some states have allowed delayed tax filing and payment. Not all states are providing this facility so you will have to check your state website to find out.

Credit Card and Loan Relief

A lot of credit card issuers and lenders are showing leniency in the collection of their dues. Although they are providing help during coronavirus, they are not foregoing their dues. Forbearance should not be confused with forgiveness. You may be able to postpone payment but you will have to pay up what you owe.

And you will have to apply for these hardship programs to take advantage of these lenient terms and conditions. One major benefit that made credit card issuers and lenders are providing is that they are slashing their interest rates. If you are lucky your lender may even bring your interest rate to zero for a limited time period. You should get in touch with your lender to find out what help during coronavirus is available for you.

Unemployment Benefits

The CARES Act provided stimulus checks worth $1,200 for those earning under $75,000 per annum. By the first week of June, the IRS delivered almost 160 million checks worth over $265 billion.

As surprising as it might seem, the government still believes that it owes 30 million checks to eligible persons. This is a major source of help during coronavirus that has given people something to cheer about during hard times.

401k Penalty Waiver

Account-holders can now benefit from the early withdrawal penalty waiver that the federal government has implemented. Previously, a 10% penalty had to be paid for withdrawing early from retirement funds. That penalty is now waived.

If you qualify, you can withdraw as much a $100,000 without fear of incurring penalties. That being said, you will have to be extra cautious about withdrawing money from your 401k account since this is the nest egg that will serve you throughout retirement. You will have to think twice about taking money out of your retirement fund to keep your financial future secure.

There are numerous ways to get help during coronavirus. You need to look into the details to check whether you qualify. Many people are under the wrong impression that they may not qualify. You should not make this mistake. Read the terms and conditions carefully to clarify your eligibility status.