Who is Limor Neuman?

Planning to switch up your hairstyle with Limor Neuman ? Would you fly across the globe in a private jet to meet your hairstylist? Do you know where the gorgeous Victoria’s Secret models go to look pretty before a night on the town? Can you guess where Latin America’s wealthiest woman gets her hair done?

If you guessed anyone but Limor Neuman(@limorinc), you aren’t “in the know”. An Israeli hair artist that got her start at Bergdorf Goodman in NY and alongside John Barrett, she has risen to international fame. Limor Inc will pamper clients in the comfort of their homes or luxury hotel.

Limor Neuman’s portfolio of clients has included HRH Prince Charles, the late Princess Diana, Cameron Diaz, Claudia Schiffer, Miranda Kerr, Alicia Silverstone, Bette Midler, Sean Paul Music Video, and Victoria Secret Runway.

From custom hair extensions and coloring to Pro Addiction and cuts, Limor Neuman is known for its balayage and beach waves.

Limor Neuman's Top 10 Hair Extensions 1
Limor Neuman's Top 10 Hair Extensions 2

Add instant length, body, and volume to your hair with any of the high-quality hair extensions from the list below:

Limor Neuman’s Best Hair Extension Range | True Indian Hair

Founded by Karen Mitchell in 2005, True Indian Hair provides 100% authentic, healthy and luxurious hair extensions culled directly from the donors of Brazil and East Indian Temples. The premium-quality True Hair Indian extensions come in an extensive range of styles, colors, closures, and textures. Every chemical-free hair extension is handpicked, sterilized, and sorted to provide you with the best quality. Visit True Indian Hair’s website to know more about the Rihanna-sponsored brand and its exclusive range of hair extensions for people with all hair types.

Limor Neuman’s Best Overall Results | Bellami Hair

In the world of hair extensions, Bellami Hair is renowned for its high-quality synthetic hair strands and 100% Remy-certified hair extensions. Apart from the top-tier hair extensions, Bellami Hair also provides a plethora of exclusive pre-hairstyled extensions. This includes; tape-in, ponytails, bangs, long-length clip-ins, and much more. Bellami Hair also offers 20 different colors per product, making it the ultimate choice when working with uncolored Hair. So, if you are looking for extremely discreet and easy-to-apply Human Remy Hair, Bellami Hair has got you covered.

Limor Neuman’s Budget-Friendly | Vario Clip-In Hair Extensions from Amazon

When looking for the right hair extension match, the primary aim is that you get precisely what you pay for at an affordable price. Although Vario has a limited range of voluminous and lengthy hair extensions compared to popular brands, it offers top-quality double-weft human Hair without burning a hole in your pocket. Click here to upgrade your look with the Vario Clip-In hair extensions!

Limor Neuman’s Best Results for Thick Hair | The Hair Shop

Whether you are looking for premium quality professional hair extensions and tools or ready-to-wear hair extensions, the wide range of hair extensions from The Hair Shop has got you covered. With 30 years of experience in the hair industry, The Hair Shop is renowned for providing the highest quality hair products worldwide. For example, opt for the easy-to-use skinny or naked clip-ins if you want to make your hair look longer and thicker. Visit The Hair Shop to find your perfect match!

Limor Neuman’s Best for Smooth Hair | Glam Seamless

Want sleek, smooth, and silky hair? The full spectrum of hair extension products at Glam Seamless has everything that you need. With competitors like Bellami, Glam Seamless is renowned for its longevity, silky quality, and smooth hair extensions. For your Glam Seamless’s sew-in and tape-in extensions to last up to 12 weeks and be reused three times, all you need to do is take care of the hair extension that looks like your natural hair.

Best for Natural Looking Hair | Kinkistry

Even with the hair extension industry filled with countless products, finding the exact curl pattern to go with your coily hair type isn’t easy. With the motto of “No-Curl Left Behind,” the Kinkistry manufacturers have created tightly coiled extensions for every curly-headed woman. The Black-owned brand offers everything from curly ponytails to clip-ins to in-style weft hair wigs. Just remember to caress your 100% virgin hair extensions with maximum care.

Limor Neuman’s Extensions Made of Human Hair | Indique Virgin Hair Extensions

With 30 years of experience in the industry, Indique is an international hair extension brand with retail stores across Asia, Central America, Africa, Europe, and the United States. The Indique manufacturers are committed to providing you with high-quality hair extensions that last long. Indique Hair is being praised by everyone, from celebrities like Jorja Smith and Oprah to stylists like Ramirez. Their products include clips, wefted Hair, wigs, and bulks in all textures, shades, and styles. Click here to check the hair products at Indique.

Limor Neuman’s High-Quality Extensions | Richy Hair

From a small family business, today, Richy Hair has become a global brand due to its world-famous output. Richy Hair is renowned for its carefully hand-selected Russian-Siberian Virgin Hair. To make it perfect, every hair extension goes through a four-week process, including a cold protein-infused bath and natural hair dye technique. As a result, all Richy Hair extensions are less damaged and are also softer compared to your own hair (sorry!)

Limor Inc’s Ethically Sourced | Great Lengths

Although styling up hair extensions is loved by all fashionistas, their production story can haunt the life out of your soul. Founded in 1993, Great Lengths is the leading professional hair extensions brand in the world. It is loved by customers who want 100% transparency in the production process of their hair extensions. At Great Lengths, the manufacturers provide 100% Remy Raw Hair that comes straight from the Indian temples via donation. Not only this but with an aim to help society, the money earned by these donations is turned into local charities. To keep the texture and style consistent, every Italy-processed hair product comes from the same person. Visit Great Lengths to learn more!

Limor Neuman’s Best Tape-Ins | Hotheads

Being an industry favorite, Hotheads is renowned for their long-lasting extensions that are easy to attach, simple to maintain, and don’t cause much damage to your Hair. Their 100% authentic human hair, adhesive weft hair extensions can be applied without the need for heat or tools. Looking for the hair extension that goes with your natural color, visit Hotheads right away!


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