Manchester police opened an investigation Tuesday after the Ivorian player Toure Yaya, a City player, denounced through the Kick It Out association that he had received racist messages on his Twitter account. According to the authorities, in an information collected by the BBC.

The former barbarian suffered a discriminatory attack yesterday after the victory of the citizens (1-0 ) against United in the Manchester derby.

The 31-year-old medium who reopened his account on the social network last Sunday had closed access to his profile on Twitter five months ago for similar reasons, stating that he preferred to focus on the World Cup in Brazil, which was about to dispute.

Toure left a seemingly ordinary message that triggered, according to the Kick It Out association , an avalanche of aggressive responses. “Glad to be back on Twitter after this beautiful victory. To focus now on the next game. Happy Monday everyone,” he wrote.

Last week, another First English player starred in a racist controversy. Rio Ferdinand, central of the Queens Park Rangers, was sanctioned with three games without playing and with 25,000 pounds (31,600 euros) for some offensive comments he made on his Twitter social network account.

The former Manchester United player responded in a way that the FA (Football Association, the highest English football body ) considered insulting a tweet that criticized his work in the field.


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