The Internet has been a revolution for communication, and many claims that also for society. Andreu Casero professor at the Jaume I University of Castellón and researcher on the relationship between journalism, media and democracy says social media has become a basic need for human life, wants to analyze the role of communication in political activism on the Internet and its ability to transform democracy.

“I want to study how activists use these new media to create and disseminate their messages and to try to place them on the public agenda, which enter the contents of the media and achieve visibility,” explains Casero. Some cases of study would be the appearance in the public debate of the dation in payment of housing to pay off the mortgage or the elimination of the Senate, two issues linked to 15-M.

Casero’s work will pursue four objectives. First, analyze the relationship between conventional media and political activism on the Internet to gauge whether there have been changes in the mediatization paradigm. Second, analyze the emergence of

new informative actors (digital alternative media and citizen journalists) and their role in activism and social change. Third, analyze the new dynamics of attention training and the public agenda. Fourth, analyze the articulation of monitoring and control processes driven by political activism.


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