For a long time, some internet users believed that the image drawing and treatment program, Microsoft Paint, had come to an end in 2017 when the company announced that this application would not be on its list of programs for Windows 10 Fall Creators. Update.

However, the program continues in force in the Windows Store application virtual store, from which users can download it for free. Today the platform contains new accessibility tools, demonstrating that the company still bets on one of its most beloved products.

The team responsible for Paint revealed for weeks that the main feature of the update is the introduction of the keyboard as the main input mechanism, meaning that people can use the application and draw only with your keyboard.

Although the program is functional with the mouse and the input of the multitouch tablet, the improvements allow making shortcuts to control the tools and selections in a more precise way through the keys. Some of the instructions were shared by Microsoft on its website.

The company also made improvements to facilitate the interaction of Paint with the Narrator screen reader, which allows the most basic Windows functions to be accessible to users with visual disabilities. With this update, it is evident that the company is still interested in developing updates for Paint, a program that was created in 1985.



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