Tech Maria Robledo in Defense of Seat Security

A few days after the State Council issued a final decision regarding the seat of Congresswoman Ángela María Robledo, the former vice-presidential candidate has decided to exercise her own defense before those she says are her true judges: the more than 8 million votes who recognized in it, and in Gustavo Petro, the best formula to reach the House of Nariño in the presidential elections of 2018.

For this reason, the legislator has launched a campaign on social networks with which she intends to demonstrate that she did not commit double militancy, as a lawsuit instituted against her affirms before the high court, which points out that Robledo has had to renounce his seat and the Green Alliance (party to which he belonged), at least one year before the inscription of his candidacy for the Vice Presidency.

Robledo, who resigned his seat on March 16, 2018 – that is, two months before the presidential elections – argues that the condition claimed in the lawsuit is not applicable to his case. The reason? ” My current seat is not the result of a direct popular election; the Constitution gives me (Art.112) and the Statute of the Opposition. To demand the seat is to question the Constitution, “he argues.

Indeed, as a result of the 2015 reform of the Balanced Powers, which reformed Article 112 of the Political Charter, it states that “the candidate who follows him in votes to whom the electoral authority declares elected in the position of President and Vice President of the Republic will have the personal right to occupy a seat in the Senate, House of Representatives during the period of the corresponding corporation “.

The above means, according to the legislator, who came to the Capitol for the 2018-2022 period on behalf of Colombia Humana-, that if she had run for office for another party and had been popularly elected (but not the product of the application of a norm), “yes it had to have resigned to the Green Alliance”, argues the congresswoman.

In addition, Robledo explains that the Constitution also does not provide for disabilities related to double militancy for senators who want to run as candidates for the Presidency or Vice Presidency of the Republic. Therefore, he points out, he did not have to resign at that time in advance, nor did the winning candidate of the 2018 elections, today’s president Ivan Duque.

Finally, she clarifies that she was never registered as a candidate by the Colombia Humana movement of Gustavo Petro -which the National Electoral Council did not recognize as a political party- and that, therefore, it can not be deduced that she belonged to two parties. at the same time. In any case, once the Holy Weekends, the last word of the Council of State will be known that last week, stripped of its seat to Antanas Mockus.

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