The Kinect sensor, developed by Microsoft for its Xbox 360 console, has uses beyond video games, as demonstrated by a group of British students who have designed a robot capable of rescuing the victims of an earthquake using this technology.

Remote control, autonomous and with a look similar to that of famous robots like Wall-E or the protagonist of the movie ‘Short circuit’. This is the robot designed by a group of students from the University of Warwick (United Kingdom), which has been presented these days at the “gadgets” fair in Birmingham, open to the public until this Sunday.

A much more aggressive aspect is that of ‘Titan the Robot’, which has walked the fair its 2.4 meters and 350 kilos of the exoskeleton in order to demonstrate that a future of androids is possible.

Publicizing the latest technological curiosities and getting the public to see, use and even buy the newest devices are some of the ambitious objectives of this fair that is held annually and in this edition has had wireless electricity as one of the great attractions.

It had already been presented in 2010 during the International Fair of Consumer Electronics (CES, held in Las Vegas), but the advances of eCoupled technology once again dazzled with a wireless power system that allows recharging phone batteries or makes a fried egg thanks to a “base” that works as a power source.

Not everything is new in the ‘ Gadget Live Show in Birmingham ‘. The most nostalgic can enjoy a journey through the history of computer science with fond memories like the ‘Furby’, a toy half robot plush toy that reached great popularity at the end of the last century.

In this edition, 3D images have been consolidated as one of the most popular technological elements among visitors who can enjoy a reserved area where they can play video games such as’ SHIFT 2: Unleashed ‘,’ Crysis 2 ‘and’ some secret titles that we can not announce “, say the people responsible for the fair on their website.

‘Duke Nukem: Forever’ and the LEGO version of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ for PlayStation 3 and PSP are some of the titles that fans have been able to try on this date for the first time.

The ‘ Gadget Live Show ‘ also has a full program of lectures about future technology projects, about more “explosive” gadgets and talks, focused on tablets and smartphones.

There have also been new models of televisions, devices with the latest Android versions and some “super mobile”, more conventional “gadgets” that, surely, will reach households sooner than the ‘ Titan Robot ‘.



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