Falcon Tech Company has no Experience in Searching for Missing Persons

Falcon Tech Company has no Experience in Searching for Missing Persons

The organizations criticized the Mayor’s Office of Medellin for hiring Falcon High Tech without consulting them. They also consider that they do not have the necessary experience in the search for forcibly disappeared persons.

Several associations of victims of the 13 commune of Medellín declared themselves against the decision of the Mayor’s Office of Medellín to call Falcon High Tech company, so that it may carry out explorations in the Escombrera. According to these people, the Spanish organization does not have the necessary experience in this type of tasks.

The statement is signed, among others, by the organizations Women Walking for the Truth, the National Movement of Victims of State Crimes (Movie) , the Corporación Jurídica Libertad, among others. They claim, among other things, that they are entrusting a private organization, such as Falcon High Tech, with a job “that has to be directed by the Attorney General’s Office in consultation with the organizations of victims, human rights and forensic work. ”

The representatives of the victims also criticized that the decision to hire Falcon High Tech was taken “unilaterally by the Mayor’s Office of Medellin, without having the victim and human rights organizations that have been at the forefront of the search process for missing persons. forcefully. ”

Despite criticism from these organizations, Mayor Federico Gutiérrez said: “We will continue to insist, to continue working. That the relatives of the victims know that as Mayor of Medellín we have this commitment to clarify the facts, to seek the truth and to allow the relatives to find their loved ones. ”

The victims expressed their misgivings about the fact that the work of Falcon High Tech “revolves around the extractive industry and that therefore they have limited experience in the search for missing persons, especially when this involves actions that not only require technological solutions, but judicial and forensic investigative aspects “.

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