Venezuelan Forces Arrest Rebelling Soldiers in Caracas

Venezuelan Forces Arrest Rebelling Soldiers in Caracas

The uprising of a group of officials of the Bolivarian National Guard sowed chaos early this morning in Venezuela. 27 members of this body of the Venezuelan Armed Forces called their comrades in arms to rise up against the government of Nicolás Maduro. The situation has already been controlled, according to the government, but the cry of uprising generates tension in the country just two days after mass marches against the president.

“Gentlemen here is the National Guard. Look what you wanted, people of Venezuela here is united to restore the constitutional thread. Did you want this? We also. Enough is enough” says the uninformed in a video broadcast on social networks.

The events occurred in the Cotiza area, north of Caracas. According to Diosdado Cabello, number two of the Maduro government, this group would have stolen weapons to generate violence and anxiety in the population. In a statement, the FANB explains that the insurgents formed a “small” group of soldiers of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB, militarized police) and accuses them of having stolen a lot of weapons of war in the early hours of the morning, as well as having kidnapped four more agents under threat of death.

According to the official note, the insurgents went to a GNB commando in the Caracas neighborhood of Cotiza, where they found “firm resistance” from other agents and where the authorities recovered the stolen weaponry. Read also: Alert in Caracas for an alleged uprising of members of the National Guard

The detainees “are providing information of interest to the intelligence agencies and the military justice system,” while the barracks and military headquarters, always according to the official statement, “are functioning under complete and absolute normality.”

“The FANB categorically rejects this type of acts, which are surely motivated by dark interests of the extreme right and are contrary to the elementary rules of military discipline,” the note signed and spread on Twitter by the defense minister added. Vladimir Padrino López.

The uprising was first announced through social networks where several videos circulated that showed the group of soldiers who called on citizens to demonstrate against the head of state. The Venezuelan Parliament, of overwhelming opposition majority, and many countries do not recognize the legitimacy of Maduro who swore this month the second term that will keep him in power until the year 2025. We recommend: Military, those who hold Maduro in power

The Chavez leader won the re-election last May, in a marked election of fraudulent and in which the bulk of the opposition did not participate among other reasons because its main leaders were politically disabled.

Faced with this, the Legislature has called on the FANB not to recognize the mandate of Maduro and has promised to grant amnesty to all the officials who help to “reestablish the constitutional thread” in the Caribbean country. “We completely ignore this regime, we need the support of you, people of Venezuela. Go out to the street, here we are. It’s today, gentlemen! People, come out! Here we are lighting the fuse, “cries another sergeant surnamed Figueroa in another video, who seems to be one of the leaders of the revolt.

Juan Guaido, president of the National Assembly, assured that the rebellion in Cotiza is a “sample of the generalized feeling that reigns in the bosom of the troops”. “We do not want the National Armed Forces to be divided or face, we want them to be like one man on the side of the people, the Constitution and against usurpation,” added Guaido.

Who insisted that “the chain of command is broken by the usurpation of the presidential office “. Last week, the Legislature indicated that it is working on a kind of amnesty for the uninformed ones that cooperate to restore order in the country. The call was received by a group of soldiers in exile, who gave him the backing to assume the leadership of the country.

From exile, prosecutor Luisa Ortega supported the uprising this morning. “The courage of these guys from the GNB shows us that there is dignity and will in the barracks to get out of tyranny, the strength of freedom reverberates in Miraflores and becomes unstoppable, let’s support the military rebellion. patriots! “, he said.

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