Miami-Dade Woman Arrested After Lying About Kidnapping

A woman from Hollywood, Florida, was arrested Monday after authorities possibly confirmed that the story about the kidnapping of her grandson inside a stolen car at a gas station would have been falsified.

According to a Telemundo 51 report, Detective Alvaro Zabaleta, a Miami-Dade police spokesman, said the incident occurred at a Sunoco station located at 22025 Southwest and 112 Avenue shortly after 8 p.m. Sunday night when the woman reported the theft.

Local News Channel 10 said Antoinette Rowen, 37, faces a charge for making a false police report. According to the arrest report, cited by Local 10, Rowen admitted she had lied about the kidnapping because she wanted police to find her car faster and arrest the thief.

Rowen had originally told police that he arranged for the man to buy his car online Sunday night. However, he later told authorities that the man had taken the car with the child in the back seat, Local 10 reported.

According to Zabaleta, quoted by Telemundo 51, the woman allegedly picked up the suspect, whom she had met over the Internet to make a transaction related to the car. The two adults and the minor went to a Walmart store and then to the gas station.

The woman said she had initially said that she had entered the store and when she left, the car, with the child inside, had disappeared. The agents began searching the area and later a daughter of the 21-year-old woman said the minor had been left in front of the house and was unharmed.

“The call originally came as a child abduction,” Detective Zabaleta told Local 10, noting, “That’s something we can’t take lightly.

Miami-Dade authorities continue to search for the vehicle, a black 2014 Hyundai with license plate Z59FLZ, but have not released a description of the suspect. Anyone with information on this case should call the Miami police or the crime hotline.

John Smith

John Smith is the lead editor for Slimger. John has written for many publications including the Miami Herald, Tampa Bay Times and Business Insider. John is based in Florida and covers issues affecting his city and his country. In addition to following the day-to-day life of the Big Apple, John also has a passion rowing and can often be found paddling the shores.

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