Health Authorities Confirm the Case of Dengue in Miami

Health Authorities Confirm the Case of Dengue in Miami

Florida state health authorities reported Monday the discovery of a case of dengue locally contracted in Miami-Dade County without indicating where it has been registered or who the affected person is.

The Miami-Dade office of the Florida Department of Health issued a press release in which it reports the case and the implementation of an anti-mosquito protocol in the area where it was produced in conjunction with the division that is responsible of the management of those insect transmitters of diseases.

The statement reminds residents of the county and visitors of the need to take precautions to limit exposure to mosquitoes and their bites and a series of measures is outlined to that end.

Dengue fever is a viral disease that is transmitted by Aedes aegypti and other mosquitoes and is typical of tropical or subtropical areas. In its most serious variety, hemorrhagic dengue can cause death.

The same mosquito transmits other diseases such as Zika. In 2016, there was a local transmission Zika outbreak in Florida, the first registered in the United States, with hundreds of cases.

The Florida Department of Health continues to conduct state-wide surveillance of mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile virus, eastern equine encephalitis, St. Louis encephalitis, malaria, chikungunya and dengue.

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