More than 33 Civilians Killed in Syria Bombing

More than 33 Civilians Killed in Syria Bombing

The international coalition, led by the United States, has allegedly launched several attacks that have killed 33 civilians, all relatives of members of the jihadist Islamic State (IS) group, in two locations that are dominated by extremists in eastern Syria. As reported by the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (OSDH) .

The alliance bombed yesterday the town of Hayin, one of the main strongholds of the jihadists in the Syrian province of Deir al Zur, which caused the death of 26 civilians, including 14 minors and 9 women, said the director of the OSDH, Rami Abdurrahman.

The deceased were relatives of members of the terrorist organization and the majority were of Iraqi nationality, the NGO said. In addition, in another attack perpetrated the day before yesterday by the coalition against the town of Al Shaafa, Abderrahman reported the death of four minors and three women, the seven relatives also of the jihadists and of Iraqi nationality.

The NGO, whose headquarters are in the United Kingdom but has a large network of collaborators in the field, said the death toll could rise due to the seriousness of the injured, a figure that could not be specified so far. According to the Observatory, this figure increases to 115 civilians who have died since last September 10 due to bombings allegedly carried out by the international alliance in the north-east region.

The US-led coalition has said today that it is investigating the bombing: “We have been informed of reports of bombings in Hayin, according to reports, that have killed civilians. This incident is currently under investigation,” he told Efe. in an email the press department of the anti-jihadist alliance.

In addition, he affirmed that “as part of the strict planning process to identify the objectives of the EI, we take extraordinary measures to avoid civilian victims and we take seriously all cases of civilian victims.”

The alliance reported in September that at least 1,114 civilians have died “unintentionally” at the hands of their units since 2014 in Syria and Iraq, when the coalition began military operations against extremists in both countries.

On November 3, the NGO claimed that 14 other civilians, including five children, lost their lives in bombings of the coalition against Hayin, Al Shaafa and Al Susa, the three main towns that serve as the last stronghold of the extremists and that they are subject to numerous bombings, also by Russian aviation, which supports the troops of Damascus.

In October, another round of attacks by the anti-jihadist alliance killed 32 civilians, most of them Iraqi nationals, according to the Observatory.

The military operation of the coalition comes at a time when the Democratic Syrian Forces (FSD), an armed alliance led mainly by Kurds and supported by Washington, are preparing to launch a new phase of the offensive against the jihadists, which They have gained ground in that desert area of Deir al Zur bordering Iraq.

The offensive was “temporarily” suspended two weeks ago by the FSD after Turkey attacked its positions in northern Syria, although now the US is trying to mediate to reduce “tension” in the area.

The FSDs maintain the fight against ISIS in eastern and southeastern Syria that has been pushing the jihadists towards the border with Iraq, after seizing control of large areas in the north of the country, including its “capital”, the city of Al Raqa.

Currently, jihadists dominate about 3% of Syrian territory and have a presence in the provinces of Al Hasaka and Deir al Zur, after they have lost control of seven other provinces since 2017.

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